About us



Founded in 2012, Maarawi Group has inherited its know-how      
skills, clients, technical support and market’s experience from
Maarawi Bros Company, which has been specialized and
renowned in the wood industry for more than 33 years.
During its first two years, Maarawi Group has succeeded to
gain a very sizable market share mainly in Beirut district, many
of which are inherited customers from the Bros Company.
Maarawi Group offers a wide range of products with the lates
and most advanced technologies, coupled with a kiln dry
production. The sole aim of Maarawi Group is to cater for
customer’s preferences, therefore providing the best products
and after-sale services.
At Maarawi Group we are proud of our reputation as one of the most highly regarded wood companies in Lebanon. We believe it is a distinction that we earn every day through the quality products we offer and in every interaction with our business partners whether it is from small businesses with carpenters and small contracting companies or from major leading construction companies.
Our quality process begins with the selection of top quality imported products of clear hardwoods. It continues with strict grading, packaging, and labeling — culminating in a premier line of products that exceed the expectations of our customers.
Another key advantage is our new strategic warehouse location in the center of Beirut city, and more precisely, in the heart of the industrial area in Dekwaneh offering a wide variety of high quality products to please all our customers. This location provides ease of access to the small businesses to be able to pass by and pick up their needs on a day-to-day basis as well as minimizing the transportation costs and times for the large businesses, such as the major construction companies, especially the ones located in the city. 


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